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Technetium [Tc-99m] Generator (Fission/Gel)

Time:28 February 2022

The Technetium [Tc-99m] Generator is prepared with produced molybdenum [Mo-99] adsorbed on acid alumina in a lead-shielded column. Eluting the column with sodium chloride injection, sodium pertechnetate [Tc-] injection can be obtained.


More than 30 radiopharmaceuticals based on Tc-99m are used for imaging of organs and tissues such as the brain, heart, thyroid, lungs, liver, gallbladder and kidneys, skeleton as well as blood.


18.5GBq, 29.6GBq, 37GBq, 74GBq, 111GBq, 148GBq, 185GBq


Performance of our Tc-99m generator products is very stable, the eluting yield of 99mTc is very close to the theoretical yield. Our generators showed high elution efficiency which is typically more than 95%. In the eluate, radiochemical purity of 99mTcO4- should be not less than 98%, and as an impurity the quantity of 99Mo should be less than 0.05%.


At present, HTA is the dominant supplier of Tc-99m generators in China. We have more than 30 years of experiences on the production and marketing of Tc-99m generators to domestic customers, and have a disposition of highly-experienced professionals including service peoples and technicians. Currently, more than 350 generators are supplied to domestic customers. 99Mo material with high specific activity is supplied by world-famous industrial facilities like IRE, NTP and ANSTO. All these suppliers have established stable business relationships with us. The flexibility in our transportation network and sales network and the stable cooperation with airline companies and railway companies help us to lay a solid foundation for international supply of Tc-99m generators. All the conditions above make us a reliable supplier of Tc-99m generators.

Calibrated time of our generators can be adjusted according to the customers’ demands. We promise to provide high quality product and services to satisfy our customers.